Coach’s Corner: We’re Going to the Dance!

Well – we are going to the dance! It’s fantastic end to the season for all of us and to you, our fantastic supporters.
The Telford series were the best and most demanding games of the season and we were fantastic in all areas. To a man, we were better than Telford over the two games and won our battles in the hard areas. For me it was play-off hockey at its best. Telford are a very very good team and a team no one wanted to play in play-offs – so it was a huge performance. I am so, so proud of the guys and so happy for them.
The MK Barmy Army – wow – you guys are unreal! You turned up again in numbers at home then travelled in numbers RUSSELL v Flames 20160116 Tony on Sunday and created a fantastic atmosphere all weekend. It was a sea of pink and you owned the stands! To be honest you were our 7th man and drove us forward. It was a privilege to be part of it all – a wonderful memory after a terrific weekend.
So this week we have retained Griff and added TC to the roster for next season – two great guys and players. Also two guys who I know very well and have coached many times. I couldn’t be happier and they will be great assets to our club, both on and off the ice. We are delighted to have signed them and it’s a great start to our recruitment process!
I will be honest with you – I have no plans to rip this group apart. In fact, we are working hard to keep this group together. Our only plan is to try to add to it and try to make it even stronger. We have a great group of people in that locker room and I feel privileged to work with them all. Our only aim is to give you all a team to be proud of.
This weekend is the highlight of the hockey season (or ‘the dance’ as I call it!)  We are proud and we feel honoured to be a part of that. But we’re aiming to do all we can to be a big part of it. This weekend there are another three great teams in Coventry who are all there with the same goals. We need to keep our high levels from performances of late, we have to want it more than everyone else, we will have to do what it takes and win our battles in the hard areas. When we do these key things then I believe we have what it takes to make it happen.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and let’s stick together as one, and believe in MKL!
Best wishes

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