CHL About To Restart

The 2021-22 Canadian Hockey League seasons are about to start. Players getting back on the ice, points being earned and some other things we are used to. However, with this season, things are also different. Just like the Covid 19 vaccine people are going to talk about the new rules.

The three leagues that compile the CHL are the Ontario Hockey League, Western Hockey League, and the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League. All of these leagues have joined in the act to make sure everyone is safe who attends games in these leagues.

The CHL has informed organizations and fans there will be rules to watching a game this year, regardless of the league you are watching. They require that all spectators and other attendees who attend games or practices,be fully vaccinated at least two weeks prior to said event. This policy goes into effect immediately.

Fans attending a CHL game or event are required to present evidence, government issued, that they are fully vaccinated and have been so for at least two week’s. The CHL also stated that the vaccines are to be approved vaccines by one of the following – Health Canada for Canadian Game or events, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

These rules are simple and easy to follow. However, there will most likely be backlash by some fans. While the vaccinated fans have nothing to worry about, the fans who are not vaccinated will not be able to enter the arena.
This could cause some issues by those unvaccinated. With that being said, every organization and every player are doing everything possible that is required of them so they can play the game they love.

Season ticket holders, fans there for a special event, or arriving for a players last game could be some issues ahead. However, the Canadian Hockey League did issue the statement of the guidelines and therefore fans know ahead of time. Regardless if you are vaccinated or not there sure will be people with an opinion. Right or wrong the entire CHL is doing what is has to do to bring the game back, protect fans and protect everyone associated with the CHL.

Regardless of the outcome hockey across the world is back. Restrictions on both masks and attendance are in full season and this is to protect fans and keep the best game in the world going. Could there be another Covid 19 stoppage? Of course. But let’s focus on the schedule as is and let’s admire these tremendous athletes do what they do best – entertain us to the best of their ability.

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