Chance for businesses to share Tigers’ title glory

Businesses from across the UK have been invited to join The Tigers in celebrating their success at Telford Ice Rink.

The English Premier League club won a double of major trophies last season, leading to virtual sell-out crowds at home games.

That has seen advertisers flock to the Shropshire outfit, as they look to reflect on the club’s success, both on and off the ice.

Paul Baker, Director of Tigers owners Red Hockey, wants firms to benefit from exposure to hundreds of thousands of people every year.

He said: “The great thing about sponsoring The Tigers is that we’re always open to the public, from early morning to late at night, seven days a week.

“Unlike other sports, such as football or rugby, our venue is always jammed with professional skaters, learners, schools and university students.

“When there is a Tigers game on, the rink is absolutely packed. Towards the end of last season, a lot of games were nearly sold out.”

Advertisers have a number of options to become a Tigers partner, with the club enjoying one of the highest media profiles in British ice hockey.

Figures show that skaters spend an average of around one hour in the rink, and regularly see advertisements during their time on the ice.

The club also has over 10,000 fans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, many of which are visitors to Tigers games and the ice rink.

Mr Baker added: “We have all sorts of ways a business can advertise with us. We’ve got a huge 14ft screen at Telford Ice Rink, which can play any video advert. That is seen by tens of thousands of people every week.

“Businesses can also advertise via large banners, which are placed around the rink and again, are seen every single day of the week. It is difficult to get that sort of exposure at a football club, which is generally only open on match days.

“During the season, which begins in September, we can offer advertising in our match night programme and even during the game itself, via announcements. Our youtube channel received over 60,000 plays last season.

“The Tigers are also on the verge of signing a deal to appear on national television every week next season. With that sort of exposure, any company that sponsors us will soon see a huge return on their investment.

“Our supporters love a good sponsor, and generate a great feeling of community around any business that becomes involved. If you’re part of the team, then it is very likely they will become regular customers.”

Red Hockey also owns significant stakes in fellow EPL clubs Manchester Phoenix and Bracknell Bees,

That portfolio also includes The Tigers NIHL side and Deeside Dragons – offering the potential for true nationwide coverage.

“Here at The Tigers, we used the awards night as a great opportunity to increase our market reach,” Mr Baker said.

“We have close relationships with the Premier League football teams, particularly Liverpool and Manchester United, and the large TV networks like BBC Sport and Sky Sports.

“This enabled us to invite Hayley McQueen from Sky Sports and Jamie Carragher, England and Liverpool legend, to host the awards show.

“Again, no other ice hockey team in this country has these close relationships with major sporting franchises and we can use that to help promote the brand by tweeting their followers during our promotional events

“We like our sponsors to feel involved and use their opportunity with us as much as possible. By maximising that publicity, they can get their brand and messages out to a much wider public.

“We also have an opportunity for companies to sponsor all five teams in the Red Hockey family and create a truly national advertising campaign.

“This brings even greater exposure, and will provide any business that is serious about promoting their brand a great vehicle to reach out through our unique network throughout the UK.”

For more details on sponsorship opportunities, download our sponsorship pack HERE, or email Paul Baker at:

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