Challenge Cup Final – Pre-Book Tickets From Monday 23rd January

This season’s Challenge Cup Final will be played in Ice Arena Wales (IAW), the home of the Cardiff Devils, on Sunday March 5th at 4:00pm.

The capacity of IAW is 3,088 and to make it fair to all 4 teams in the semi-finals, the Devils are offering the opportunity for fans to pre-book their tickets before the finalists are confirmed.

There are 1,450 tickets available for each team making the final. That totals 2,900 tickets between the two teams playing in the final. Each team will get 40 complimentary tickets for player’s guests and staff. The rest of the tickets will be sold through hospitality packages or reserved for league officials.

The tickets will be split evenly between the two teams qualifying for the final. All seats are £20.00 regardless of the area in the arena or ticket type.

From 12:00 noon on Monday January 23rd, fans can pay a £2 booking fee that will guarantee them a seat for the Cup Final. There will be 1,450 pre-bookings per team. You can book up to 6 tickets per person at a cost of £2 for each pre-booking ticket.

So for example, if you are a Sheffield Steelers fan and want to guarantee yourself a seat at the Cup Final, you can go online on Monday and select the Sheffield pre-book option and book between 1 to 6 spots at a total cost of £2 to £12 depending on how many you select. You can also call 0800 0842 666 to make your booking.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY TEAM MAKES THE FINAL? Then we will contact you to take the £20 payment for each of your tickets you pre-booked. There will be no additional fees because the £2 you will have already paid covers the booking fee. Your seats will be allocated in the same order of the pre-bookings being made. The arena will be split in half (50% of seats for the winner between Sheffield/Nottingham and then 50% for the winner between Belfast/Cardiff). We will have seats available for wheelchair users and any other specific seating requirements.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MY TEAM DOES NOT MAKE THE FINAL? If you make a pre-booking and your team does not make the final, you do not get the £2 booking fee back, but you will receive £2 off the webcast of the Cup Final.

WHY DO I NEED TO PRE-BOOK? Because this Cup Final will sell out and because the semi-finals will be finished on different dates, so we felt this was the fairest way to ensure fans knew in advance if they had a ticket. The £2 fee replaces any booking fee charged at the final point of sale, and hopefully, the £2 charge to know you have a ticket if your team advances is worth the charge.

HOW DO I MAKE A PRE-BOOKING? You can make a pre-booking the same way you purchase a normal ticket for a Devils game:

Or if you live in Cardiff, you can pre-book in person at Ice Arena Wales reception.

WHY ARE ALL THE SEATS THE SAME PRICE? Ice Arena Wales is limited to 3,088 seats, so the past 2 seasons when the game was in Sheffield Arena, there were enough seats to offer child and concession pricing. This is not the case this season. Children under 3 and not requiring their own seat can sit on their parent’s lap, but everyone else requires a seat of their own.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON’T PRE-BOOK AND STILL WANT TO COME? If the pre-bookings between the two teams making the finals do not add up to a sell-out, then the remaining tickets will go on general sale after both teams are confirmed.

I DON’T GET IT, WHY IS THIS PRE-BOOKING SYSTEM SO CONFUSING? It’s really not confusing at all. Basically, for £2, you can pre-book a seat so if your team makes the final, you know you already have a seat confirmed. That’s it in a nutshell. The rest of the above information is just explaining that and how to pre-book.

I’M STILL NOT HAPPY WITH THIS SYSTEM, HOW DO I VOICE MY CONCERN? If you need to contact us or have a complaint to make, please direct your concerns to the Cardiff Devils rather than to the EIHL by emailing

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