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Women of Modern Hockey

While the NHL is in some turmoil around commissioner Gary Bettman the rest of the NHL celebrates women and diversity. Women of color are getting their chance to shine and not only in the NHL.
Women are becoming a part of the NHL just like men. They are getting opportunities to show they belong, regardless of what obstacles are put in their way.

oliver dame malka icing in the Champions Hockey League

The New Great Dane

The name Oliver Dame-Malka might not be familiar to some hockey fans but he does have a lengthy, successful career. He has made stops in many cities, being successful at each stop. His newest stop comes via transfer

CHL About To Restart

2021-22 Canadian Hockey League seasons are about to start. Players getting back on the ice, points being earned and some other things we are used to. However, with this season, things are also different. Just like the Covid 19 vaccine people are going to talk about the new rules

Lights Camera Action

This past week the EIHL and Freesport released their TV schedule for the coming season. I have to say it is pretty good. Finally we have EIHL on TV, its free and most crucially...