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Cody Lampl

Straubing Tigers defenseman Cody Lampl may not scare you with his size. However Cody, known as “Beard”, will not hesitate to make himself known to the fans or the opposition. Despite his size, the man covered in tattoos and sporting the best beard in the game plays a physical, yet simple, game of hockey.

Ice Hockey and Ukraine

from the war with Russia. Vladimir Putin and his military are wreaking havoc on the Ukrainian people, with many casualties to the most honest and unsuspecting people.   With this hate by Russia still raging on the people of Ukraine are looking for answers.

AHL leading scorer Andrew Poturalski

Poturalski Leading the AHL Scoring

Andrew Poturalski may not be a name you know but it might help to get yourself familiar with him. He is lighting the AHL up with the offense and could make his way into the Carolina Huricanes roster for a full-time spot.

oliver dame malka icing in the Champions Hockey League

The New Great Dane

The name Oliver Dame-Malka might not be familiar to some hockey fans but he does have a lengthy, successful career. He has made stops in many cities, being successful at each stop. His newest stop comes via transfer