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From Belarus without Love

With political unrest in Belarus and a President whose attitude towards Covid 19 could be described as stereotypically Russian at best the decision to remove the World Championships from the capital Minsk must come at a relief to many of the other nations. Team GB were due to play their group games in the city in May but are now waiting for the IIHF to make their decision on where to play the games.

Is British Ice Hockey Missing Out?

Like England Netball our men’s ice hockey senior team also had a big win last year but didn’t get so much as a mention in the show, the Elite League doesn’t have a sponsor, we are not being featured on Radio 4 and there isn’t a deal with a globally recognised brand supporting the sport. So is British Ice Hockey missing out and why?

World Championships Division 1 B 2017

After last years last game heartbreak Great Britain head to Croatia for the 2016 World Championships. This year GB will be on home ice at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast. Tickets. As always the top...

World Champships 2016

The 2016 World Championships take place in 2 of the biggest hockey cities in Europe. Moscow and St Petersberg are at the centre of the KHL world in many ways with SKA from St...