Cardiff Fire in playoff action

Playoffs (dragged) 1 copy

The league campaign is over and Fire have finished as champions but thats only half a job. We now playoff off against the best of the east. The semi final will take place this weekend 16th/17th April. Our opponents will be the Peterborough Islanders, who will be very tough opponents.

First up will be the road game this Sat. Cardiff Fire will be running a coach form Ice Arena Wales, leaving at 10am the price will be £20 – seats will be sold on a first come first served basis. We have had quite a lot of interest in this trip so book fast if you intend to travel. You can book by emailing or contact us via any of our social media. We promise it will be a great day out.

Second up we are back in Ice Arena Wales on Sunday 17th for the home fixture. Face off will be 6pm and doors will open at 5pm. Tickets will be frozen at our discount price as a thank you to everybody that has supported us all year.

Please help support the Cardiff Fire in their quest for playoff glory. Every supporter helps and we cant thank everybody enough for the support that we have been shown so far this season. It’s been a huge help to the team and we really can see the sign of a fan base growing. Will there be one more week of season left? Or will it be two? Come along and find out!!

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