Cardiff Fire form partnership with Xtreme edges and bring in Sam Motton as power skating coach

Cardiff Fire have successful secured a partnership with Xtreme Edges. Sam Motton director and head coach of of Xtreme Edges has agreed to join Cardiff Fire for the 2017/18 season. Sam, a former player, current coach and Elite League linesman has been developing Extreme Edges for the last 2 years.

Sam’s background is quite impressive. During his junior playing days he was selected for South West conference, he has a background in figure and speed skating with over 25 years experience. Sam made the move into the stripes and has been a EIHA registered linesman for 16 years, during this time Sam made the jump up to the highest level in this country lining games in the Elite League and has been in the top tier for 7 years. Not stopping there Sam was selected as a linesman in the IIHF development camp in Eindhoven and is a IIHF B licensed linesman, a qualification he’s held for 4 years.

Sam has always been known for his skating and since moving into skating coaching things has spiralled for him and Xtreme Edges. Sam has had a steady flow of customers for his coaching and hockey players from junior to senior professionals have shown great improvement since working with Sam. His camps have been also been very very successful.

Sam was invited by the Pittsburgh Penguins skating coach, Maxim Ivanov to run a camp earlier this year. Working alongside his elite team of NHL and KHL skating coaches. Sam has since worked with some of the best skating coaches in the world, from both the NHL and KHL.

Sam is also currently working with a number of Elite League players during the summer on their speed, technique and efficiency, ready for the 2017/18 season.

Mark Cuddihy added “ I have known Sam for a very long time, he will fit straight into the Cardiff Fire set up with ease. I have been watching his progression with Xtreme Edges and I have been really impressed with what his been doing. I’ve been really keen to get him involved with us so I was delighted when he agreed to join us. The higher up the leagues you go the game gets more and more technical and any fine tuning players can receive is so important”

Sam continued “I’m excited to join Mark Cuddihy and the Cardiff Fire organisation. I’ve seen the club build from the ground up and I take my hat off to the management team and everyone involved so far.

When Mark and myself met, he made it very clear what his plans were with making the step up to the 2nd tier of British ice hockey. There’s a definite ‘buzz’ around this organisation. With the plans that are in place and the structure, it’s an exciting time to be joining the club

‘Mark has built a fantastic coaching team, and I’ll be doing my utmost to ensure my role and experience will compliment that”

Welcome Sam to the #FireFamily

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