Cardiff Fire announce partnership with RAS security and important security information for Fire games.

Cardiff Fire are delighted to have joined forces with RAS security for the 17/18 season.

RAS security not only join the Fire family as a sponsor, but will manage all security and safety aspects to increase fan enjoyment and safety at Ice Arena Wales. We’d like to thank Martin and the team for the commitment shown to Cardiff Fire this season.

Safety information:

Bag Searches – due to recent events across the country rucksacks and any large bags/holdalls will not be permitted into the arena (family with young children will be permitted baby bags etc) If you do attend with a large bag you will be asked to keep it in the IAW lockers. All small bags are subject to searches.

Food and drink –  Only food and drink purchased from IAW can be consumed on the premises so please do not bring your own refreshments into the building as they maybe confiscated. Children’s/Babies food will be fine to take in.

Buying tickets – Tickets will be purchased from the bar area by the main arena doors for this Saturdays game. If you have any trouble getting to the bar there is a lift in reception that will take you directly to the ticket desk. If you need assistance please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff/security and they will be only too happy to help you.

Re-entering the building  – Please keep your ticket on you at all times as you will be asked for this if re-entering the building should you leave for any reason.

Finally – These procedures and being part of 2nd tier hockey are all new to Cardiff Fire. We would welcome any feedback on how you think things can be improved on games days and also how we can make your experience even better. Any feedback can be made by emailing

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