Captain Welcomes Officials Call

Telford Tigers captain Scott McKenzie has welcomed the decision to award his side a goal in their win over Bracknell Bees – despite the puck not even crossing the goal line.

The final moments of Saturday’s clash in Berkshire saw forward Joe Miller initially denied an open-net goal, after his shot was blocked on the line by a Bees defenceman Shaun Thompson.

Referee Joy Tottman, however, invoked a little-known rule which states that if a puck is stopped from crossing the goal line by a player other than a netminder in the final two minutes of a game, a goal shall be awarded.

McKenzie admitted he had rarely seen the ruling used in games – but he remained happy with the decision.

“I have only ever seen it used once before, during a game in Romford,” he said.

“The guy was just stood right in the crease and stopped the shot going in, so it was the correct decision by the referee.

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