Captain Lomax!

Blackburn Hawks and Head Coach Matt Darlow are thrilled to announce the new Hawks team captain for 2016/17 is Ollie Lomax.

Coach Darlow has known who the man for the job was from day 1 and was full of praise in saying “Ollie bleeds Blackburn, he’s played for the Hawks for half his life and is a born leader. What better combination can there be to lead our team?”

Darlow continued “Ollie was a key signing for many reasons, one of those being his leadership in the room. When you speak with Ollie he is clearly passionate about his team and it’s this passion and drive that will inspire our unit. Our dressing room has had a fantastic overhaul and when you turn up for practice to find Ollie in there working then it’s clear what our team means to him.”

“We’ve got some great, positive leaders in our room and Ollie epitomises what I’m looking for in our captain. Our trust is already very strong and you can’t help but be empowered by what he brings to our team. He’s a humble lad whose dream has been to lead this team, but I believe the Hawks family should be the ones humbled by the fact that one guy chose to stay true to his roots and his team for life, and that now he gets his just reward.”

“All I’ve ever wanted to do since I stepped foot in Blackburn Arena as an u10 was to play for the Hawks, it is the greatest feeling in the world and it still gets me when I get to our building, the same way it did back in 2003-2004 when I first got the chance.

To now have the honour of captain bestowed upon me, well it goes without saying what a privilege that is for me and how proud I will be to lead our club into this next new chapter. I’ve met most of the new boys and along with Aaron I believe it’s our job to build a solid base in the room and take that out onto the ice with 100% effort playing for the shirt.

I’d like to pass on my highest regard to our previous captain and my friend Chris Arnone, I’ll be looking similarly to bring that Blackburn touch that we both have been instilled with since we were kids.

When Coach Darlow asked me to be the captain, I was sceptical at first with the links that my father (Gratz) has with the club that people will talk, but then when I thought deeply about it that doesn’t matter, I believe I am the right man for the job and I hope to be a people’s captain for our fans.

I’m really looking forward to getting out into the community and really putting the work in off the ice too.
Lastly I’d just like to say to all the junior Hawks out there and our younger fans, that I was once in your shoes, so if you listen to your coaches and put in the work, you too can progress through to the Hawks ranks.”

Here’s to 2016/2017
Ollie #21

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