Bryn On Board With Dragons

The Dragons have signed highly-rated defenceman Bryn Roberts, after his move to work in Canada was postponed for six months. 
The 24-year-old was due to start a new life in North America this summer, but visa issues have delayed his move until the end of the year.
That has given Dragons boss Lol Paul the opportunity to swoop for the Welshman, who will remain with the Laidler Conference club until Christmas.
Paul said: “For such a young guy, Bryn has got a huge amount of experience. He has played in the EPL with Telford Tigers, and in North America for three seasons.
“He was excellent for us last year and for me, he was one of the players of the season. Any defenceman who averages almost a point per game is a major asset.
“When I realised Bryn was going to be available to play, I had no hesitation in signing him. We know we’ve got him until Christmas at least, and who knows after that.
“The chance to live and work in Canada is fantastic and when the times comes for him to leave, he will go with all our best wishes.”​
Roberts, who began his senior career with Flintshire Freeze in 2007, has played at all levels in Deeside, culminating in last year’s role as assistant captain.
Paul added: “Having Bryn back, even if it is for just a few months, will make a massive difference to our season. He has this club in his blood.
“I have always said that commitment is a big thing for this team and Bryn has it in spades. He is also a big favourite with the fans, which always helps.”
The youngster is likely to fill a similar senior role in the side next season, as The Dragons begin life under new owners, Red Hockey.
“I keep on saying it, but I want as many senior guys in this team as possible,” Paul said.
“We know that every other team in the Laidler Conference has strengthened, especially Widnes. 
“The ability to neutralise players like Scott McKenzie is going to be very important. Bryn has the ability to do that.”​
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