Blackburn Hawks Prospects Programme: Callum Strong, Daniel Sanderson & Sean Jones

Blackburn Hawks Future Prospects Programme.

Even on holiday Coach Matt Darlow continues to work and build for the future. He has included three more prospects to the Hawks programme, these being Callum Strong, Daniel Sanderson and Sean Jones.

Matt commented:

“It’s still very early days for all of us, but since I took on the role of Head Coach and Director of the juniors it’s quite clear to me that our talent pool doesn’t stop with the U20’s or U18’s, I’ve identified individuals in the younger age groups as well, there are players in the 15’s and 13’s that will no doubt with the right coaching, dedication and commitment go on to be Hawks one day, which in itself is encouraging.”

Callum Strong:

“I feel incredibly honoured to be apart of the Hawks prospect program, I feel it will benefits me at all age groups both on and off the ice and also I feel the Matt will help me improve the way I play. I’m looking forward to seeing new faces and looking forward to take when I learn into next season at all age group”

Daniel Sanderson:

“I would like to thank Matt for this opportunity. I’ve been with Blackburn since I was 10 and played for Northern conference my last 2 seasons. Making the Hawks has always been my goal and this is the beginning.”

Sean Jones:

‘I am very pleased and proud to be chosen to be on the Hawks prospect scheme. After only playing with Blackburn for a year with the u18’s and the u20’s I am very pleased with my progress and hope to continue forward throughout Blackburn hockey in my years to come’

Callum, Daniel and Sean will join Harry Mercer and Kyle Haslam on the Hawks Prospects Programme.

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