Big O returns for Raiders

The London Raiders are pleased to welcome back David Oliver for another season in the gold and blue. David’s heart is clearly with the team he grew up with and whilst we never like to assume our stalwarts will return it is reassuring to get their seal of approval on the plans the team have.

“Its great being back, I’m looking forward to a great full season with London, we have Alan on the bench running things from the start and with the team he is putting together I’m sure we have a successful season on & off the ice. Players come and go from teams but I know come September time we have a great ice hockey team going for sliverware”

David managed to pick up a few points last season and even scored the first goal but that won’t pressurise him to repeat the feat come September. We know what we get with David and if there is a shot to be blocked or a forward to be tied up he will give his all. If the rest of the squad show the same determination we will do ok
Welcome back to the big O.

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