Beeching’s Blog first edition

Welcome Bee Army to my first edition of Beeching’s Blog, a regular column in which I’ll give my thoughts on the team and the overall state of play with the club.

It’s been an eventful and truly exciting summer so far, kicking off in style with the packed launch event at the Hive in June where we announced our full team for 2013-14. We took the decision to take this slightly different approach in light of the timescales of the operating license being agreed, and to really put a stake in the ground as to our intentions for the season ahead. But really for me the most important factor in announcing the full team in one hit was because we really see this group as a unit as opposed to a collection of individuals, so we therefore wanted to introduce them as such.

I’d also like to place on record again my thanks for everyone for the phenomenal support on the day and in your support with buying your season tickets, it really has helped and Andrew and I are very grateful.

Since then, I also hope you like our new website. It has been designed to provide a rich and engaging online experience with a range of media and interactive content to keep you fully up to speed with the team and all our activities and news. We’ll be adding and adding to the content over the coming weeks and months to build a really varied and dynamic site.

In parallel to this, which will be launched soon will give the opportunity to browse an exciting new range of merchandise from your computer or mobile device

We are also very excited with the return of the Berkshire Bikes Cup and the Tailgate Party that will precede it. It is our pleasure to welcome the Jets again, and we’ll be trying to hit the ground running for when the puck drops on the league schedule.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you of the ongoing BEE Involved campaign, in which we will provide a selection of ways for you to contact myself and other members of the management team. We’re serious about listening to your feedback, and will be actively soliciting it through the surveys and polls you’ll have seen and hopefully participated in already over the recent weeks. We’ll then be using the feedback gathered to shape all sorts of things to do with the Bees.

Full details are published here, and I strongly encourage you to do this or get in touch over the summer if you have any questions or comments and I’d be happy to chat.

Thanks for reading.

Ben Beeching
General Manager and Director of Hockey, Bracknell Bees
Twitter: @B_Beeching

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