Bacashihua Storms In

New Manchester Storm signing jason bacashihua in goal for St Louis Blues

Jason Bacashihua is a name most hockey fans should recognize.the 5-foot-11 and 176 pound goaltender has seen many team’s and cities along his travels, including his new team, the Manchester Storm of the EIHL.

2001 1st found pick, 26th overall, by the Dallas Stars, is 39 years old but still plays a high level of hockey.  He brings a wealth of experience along with a high compete attitude.

Among his beat attributes are Butterfly goalie, great  flexes, good rebound control, cuts down angles well, and gives shooters little space in close.  Playing in first EIHL season, he will showcase those skills to new opponents.

One of his travels was to the NHL, where he was a backup for the Stars and St. Louis Blues. His career lasted 38 games, posting a 7-17-4 record, with a 3.19 GAA, and a .897 we’ve %, all in a Blues jersey.

His playing experience has taken him to many leagues, from Poland to the DEL, from the AHL to the ECHL, and Slovakia to other parts of the world.

Since turning pro he never really got a chance to shine, take that #1 goalie position, and run with it. He has been solid regardless of the team he played for, showing hard work and progress do pay off.

He will come to Manchester as a backup, getting a spot start here and there. However, do not be surprised if his play gets him a few starts in a row.

Bacashihua has some impressive credentials to his credit. 2009-10 AHL Calder Cup champion and 2016-17 Slovakian Extraliga Champion. He has also been praised for some individual stats as well, having the most shutouts in the league with 8 during the 2015-16 season with Slovakia and again with Slovakian Extraliga had the best overall GAA in 2016-17.

Hard to argue that his best days are behind him but he may be a backup from here on out. He has proved he can still play the game at a level we all wish we could play.

One thing that he cannot be criticized for is taking a game off. He has a great work ethic, plays hard regardless of that score, and will fight to keep his team in the game.

As a player who was drafted high in the first round and played in the NHL, Bacashihua still wants to play collectively at 39 years old. Regardless of your views on him or his dedication, he has to be applauded for wanting to continue his career.

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