Author: Richard Jelnik

Dundee Stars Get New Coach, GM

Jeff Mason was a difference-maker as an assistant coach, alongside head coach Adam Keefe. They built a relationship and got the Belfast giants in a place where they could be successful year after year and chase championships.

Manchester Storm

The Manchester Storm have had a few rough seasons. From not making the playoffs to uninspired play the team will be once again unable to compete in the playoffs for the third year in a row. So what changes have to be made?

Kieran Brown

Every league has top scorers and other league have elite scorers. Then there is the NIHL and who has franchise and elite player Kieran Brown.

NIHL Division 1 in for Tight Finale

The NIHL division 1 season is a tight fit at the top of the standings and from their very team is fighting for supremacy. The Solway sharks and the Streatham IHC are fighting for first overall, just separated by five points. Meanwhile, the Milton Keynes thunder are in last place with 9 total points. 

Fehervar AV19

The Fehervar AV19 club is primed and ready to make some noise as the season winds down, combining a talented squad with some luck to come out on top of the league. With that being said they have work to do and they need help from other teams to finish first overall.

Ice Hockey and Ukraine

from the war with Russia. Vladimir Putin and his military are wreaking havoc on the Ukrainian people, with many casualties to the most honest and unsuspecting people.   With this hate by Russia still raging on the people of Ukraine are looking for answers.

new belfast signing mullen

Mullen Added to Giants D

A familiar name is returning to the Belfast Giants, a name that could give the defense some insurance down the stretch. Welcome back defenseman Patrick Mullen.

antonin boruta sheffield steelers new signing

Sheffield Steelers Newest Additions

Sheffield Steelers are adding more pieces to try and put some distance between themselves and the second place Belfast Giants. A forward and defenseman have been added to the mix of a team that we all thought had it all.

jackson whistle in goal for belfast giants

Whistle Finding Form As Starter

The success of any hockey team relies heavily on their goaltender and the way he performs to his best ability. For some goaltending is good enough for a playoff spot, for others the goaltending is the team.