Annual Rob Craig Charity Event

The annual Rob Craig Charity Event is once again being held at Planet Ice Arena Blackburn on Sunday 21st April 2019.

The event is in support of the Campaign Against Living Miserably -CALM – in the hope of once again raising funds and more importantly, awareness of Mental Health.

The event was held for the first time in 2018 and it involved a full Ice Hockey spectacle and was attended by over 1000 spectators who came to enjoy the game/show and support a good cause

Last year the committee planned and promoted the whole event in just 8 weeks and raised over £7000 for charity along with helping people along the way in their battle with Mental Health.

The Background

The reason the event was held in 2018 was that unfortunately in June 2017, Rob Craig, a good friend and team-mate was lost. Rob  could no longer fight his battle with depression and took his own life. This had a huge impact on all of us, especially his best friends Sam Calderbank and Conor Duthie, who came up with an idea to have a low-key Ice Hockey Match in memory of him, in the hope of raising just £300 for Charity.

Once project manager Carl Everitt heard they wanted to do this for Rob, he thought, why not make this as big as we can to attract more people and raise more awareness. That’s when the fun really started and the Rob Craig Memorial Event was born ……

From multiple Radio Interviews, Newspaper Articles and the Support of the CEO of the local NHS Trust and her team, they set to work and started what has now become the Annual Rob Craig Memorial Event, where it will continue to spread the message that ‘it’s okay to talk’ about how they feel and using the stereotypical view of an Ice Hockey Player, being tough and manly, as a way to show that everybody needs to talk about how they feel sometimes and it’s not a weakness to speak up, it’s actually takes incredible strength.

Carl and other players have had their own personal battles with mental health so for all of them, this is very close to their hearts.

Carl commented,” In creating the inaugural event, I felt we did Rob and his family very proud so we decided to do it again.

In creating this event, I feel we have done Rob and his family very proud so we decided we want to do it again.”

Our 2019 Event

Firstly, this year’s event will be planned over a 20 week period and not 8 weeks like last year, therefore there is so much more planned which will make it bigger and better

The group have chosen CALM as this year’s beneficiary as they focus their efforts on Male Suicide for Men under 45 years old. Too many young men are taking their own lives and it is hoped that with these efforts at least one person can be saved from a premature demise.

Ticket Prices will be kept the same as last year, at only £3 per adult and £1 per child (Under 16) with 100% of the entry fees going to the chosen charity.

There is even a free entry, AfterParty in the bar once the show has finished.

The support we have received so far is amazing and for the organisers, overwhelming, particularly from the Blackburn Hawks:

On the day of the event, there will be over 60 volunteers and 40 players involved in entertaining the spectators.

Please check out the links below for further details:

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