Anniversary Game update!

We are happy to be able to announce that some more familiar faces from in and around the rink have agreed to be part of the Team Management for the Legends game on Saturday 25th April.


Mark Kinder and Miek Harris will manage the current roster and the equipment man will be Nick Riley.

On the Legends bench will be Konrad Tapp, Eddie Brigdale and their equipment manager will be Russ Ginn.

Konrad is a familiar face around the rink – he’s probably best known as the Father of Hawks favourite Peter, but he has also held positions in the Junior Development as well as stepping in to help the Hawks out on several occasions as interim Manager over the years.

I’m sure Eddie needs no introduction; he’s been an ever-present supporter of the club for as long as most of us can remember, and he’s also done lots behind the scenes, specifically in helping finance some of our Imports over the past few seasons – something which probably has gone unnoticed to a lot of fans, and this is a way of saying thanks to a pleasant and genuine Hawks Fan.

Lastly we’ve dragged him kicking and screaming from the South Coast where he now resides – everyone knows the Big Man in the shorts, our very own Russ Ginn! Many fans won’t know this but Russ used to be the Equipment Manager for the club years ago, and therefore knows lots of the guys on the legends roster, so it was only fitting that we invited him back.

for one last time, I’m hoping him and Nick will try to out do each other on the night, may the best Kitman win!!!

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