Affiliation news – Fire join forces with the Hounds


Cardiff Fire can officially confirm that we have joined forces with the Cardiff Ice Hounds through an affiliation.

The Fire would like to thank the Ice Hounds for their help in the early months of Fire starting last season. The Hounds played a number of challenge games against the Fire in the early days, helping us prepare for the maiden season. They also supplied a few players with additional ice time, in our time of need. There has also been a crossover of players. Andrew Davies, fires outstanding D man played with the Hounds for a number of years and made the step up to league hockey with ease. Dan Blakemore was the Hounds head coach and chairman joined the Cardiff Fire as a player assistant coach and now has taken on the full time role of assistant coach with the Fire. Last season Fire speedster Dave Christian also played for the Hounds before joining Fire full time. Dave had been off the ice for a few years, having played in Cardiff for the Juniors before forming a successful roller hockey career.

The link doesn’t end there, with the Hounds player coach Matt Lock also being on the Cardiff Fire coaching staff. Cardiff Fire will assist with coaching during the Hounds season and some players will be present for the Hounds training session. Other opportunities will also be looked at with fundraising and social events through the year.

Mark Cuddihy continued “It’s great for our two teams to be working together, the Hounds were a huge help to us when we started out and have been right behind the Fire from day one. We took Spud (Andrew Davies) in our first season and he has been outstanding for us. Additionaly Dave Christian was skating with us but unfortunately it was passed the deadline so we couldn’t sign him, he offered his services to the Hounds and he did a great job for them and gained some valuable time on the ice before linking up with us for this season. We also have Swedish import Viktor Langseth currently playing for the Hounds. Due to import restrictions this season we couldn’t supply Viktor with regular games. We are hoping we are in position to offer Viktor full time hockey next season so the game time this season will be invaluable to him. Former Cardiff junior and Hounds goalie James Hall has also helped out the Fire a number of times over the last two seasons James has also backed up for Edinburgh Capitals in the Elite League this season.”

Our players often skate and offer advice through the season to the Hounds and thats only going to improve the group. The Hounds can also help with players moving out of junior hockey not quite ready to step up to Cardiff Fire, whilst still giving them the chance to train with us for their development. Both sets of guys get on really well and I can see some good social events on the horizon. This makes total sense for us and the Hounds”

The Cardiff Ice Hounds have a very strong roster this season and will be looking to go for the league championship. Players like Jon Nash and Mike Newbury are huge additions to the Hounds and will be very entertaining to watch this season. A lot of the Hounds players have had good junior experience and our far from your ‘ordinary’ rec team. The first game for the Hounds this season is this Sat at Ice Arena Wales against Milton Keynes face off 22:30

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