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Direct advertising is the best way to get great value from your advertising budget as it cuts out the middle man. If you use Google Adwords you are paying for someone to click through to your website. Businesses spend over $100 million a day on Adwords. Now imagine if the website from which they came already attracted people who would be interested in your brand. The chances are they would click through to your site anyway and if they don’t your brand has been seen (unlike Adwords on which it may not be). So why pay for it? Now imagine if the first website had a large cross social media presence on which it could promote your brand.

At Blueliner Hockey we offer our partners and supporters the chance to get their brand seen by thousands of readers a day across social media from Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube and Google+. With prices at just £5 a month (compared to close to £5 a day with Google) and the Winter Olympics fresh in the mind now is the ideal  time to get your brand seen on a winter sports website.

We can expose your promotions and new goods or services through articles on our on site and through our social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. These are seen by over thousands of people a day.

These are just some of the ways we can promote your site, brand, products and services and from just £5.

Text Links: Text links can be placed basically anywhere you want. These are perfect for the advertiser who wants to be more discrete about their sponsorship and is a great way to gather inbound links that search engines love.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Exposure: With the social media world evolving, we can utilise our Facebook friends/likes and Twitter followers to promote your links and posts and get our brand seen by even the most casual of readers.

Sidebar Banners: A banner can be placed basically anywhere you want on the right sidebar and this will show up on every badge on the website as one of the first things our readership sees. This accounts for around 15% of click throughs.

In Post Banners: A banner that is placed every third paragraph in a post is the most successful way to gain traffic with over 80% of clicks coming from these posts. It is also a sure fired way to be seen.

Static text links after any post: We can place text links that will show up after every 1st post, 2nd post, 3rd post, etc…. This optimizes the chance of the readers seeing your link as well as optimizing search engine results.

Text link within any post : We can place a text link inside a post linking from a picture or word to your site.

Posts : We can create posts to promote any offers, new features, announcements etc and show your brand off. These are then shared via the websites and social media outlets to promote you even more.

Videos: Have an advert? We can post it on our You Tube channel to be shown on the website and through out our social media.

Newsletters- Contact our database of newsletter subscribers directly or within or weekly newsletter.

All this can be done and our prices start at just £5 per month.

To get on board email, use our contact form or call Bluelinerhockey on Skype and we will get back to you