Just like your teams d man. Blueliner is a hard hitting ice hockey site that doesn’t turtle on the issues. Concentrating on the issues that matter to ice hockey fans the Blueliner Hockey gives articles on ice hockey from around the world as well as hockey travel information for fans travelling to see ice hockey games around the world.

Started in 2010 the aim of Blueliner Hockey was to open people’s eyes to British ice hockey and give a British perspective on the sport at large as well providing hockey travel information for fans taking in a game in new city. Today the Blueliner Hockey team writes for a number of websites including www.getrealhockey.com as well as this site spreading the word on issues affecting British ice hockey and ice hockey travel information as well as the annual Blueliner Hockey Tour. The Blueliner Hockey Tour also gave Blueliner Hockey another goal and that was to provide a resource for hockey fans to find out all the information they needed when taking in an ice hockey game in another city, state or country. Blueliner Hockey Travel aims to give travel information on which teams to watch, where to get tickets, how to get to travel to the arena, what else to see and about special ice hockey events.

Blueliner Hockey is based in the United Kingdom but with the assistance of the Blueliner Hockey Tour as well as a genuine love for the sport all levels in all countries can appear on the Blueliner Hockey. Posts are advertised through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Feedburner.

Blueliner Hockey is has an ever growing readership with readers from the United Kingdom, Canada and the USA as well as mainland europe. On a daily basis Blueliner Hockey reaches over 200 readers and during big ice hockey events and news stories over 3,000 readers a week. And it is still growing.

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