A View From The Bridge: TWO EPISODES!

A 4 point weekend for the Giants, with Simon, Davy and Patrick returning to A View from the Bridge to discuss all the main talking points from an action packed weekend in TWO EPISODES!

Adam Keefe, Jim Vandemeer, Clan Head Coach John Tripp and Edinburgh Capitals Mike Cazzola all guest in the first episode, ‘Galvanised’.

We have your TFA’s and in the second episode ‘Retaliation is Not Justification’, a DOPS Podcast Special, Davy and Simon are joined by Dr Victoria Silverwood and Aaron Murphy to discuss the Department of Player Safety determination of the Fretter/Goulakos incident.

Episodes not to be missed!

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ONLINE: Galvanized – feat. Adam Keefe, John Tripp, Mike Cazzola and Jim Vandermeer.

???? https://t.co/3gvfKFg52Z
https://t.co/XyAKsaLicJ pic.twitter.com/2gUmYLVju1

— AViewFromTheBridge (@AVFTB) October 25, 2017

Retaliation Is Not Justification – Bonus Podcast featuring @MurphOnIce @kitchey16 and @SilverwoodVS https://t.co/CXm8NFTJeb pic.twitter.com/Qy1j5pAFUO

— AViewFromTheBridge (@AVFTB) October 25, 2017

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