8 Man Mos bravely battle the Phantoms

peterborough_030319The Invicta Dynamos iced a very short bench in their away fixture with the Peterborough Phantoms on Sunday and were unsurprisingly thrashed 15-0 despite a huge effort from the 8 squad members who did make the tie.

The Invicta’ roster only contained:
10 Zosiak (A)
16 Foord
21 Munroe
29 Leone (C)
35 Morris (NM)
59 Ancitis
61 Strawson
65 Morgan

The Mos stood firm for the first five minutes with the Phantoms going close in the 2nd minute as Corey McEwan fired a shot that hit netminder Conor Morris on the right shoulder. Moments later Arran Strawson did well to retrieve the puck from Robert Ferrara and clear any danger. However the hosts scored their first on 05:08 through Ales Padelek and assisted by Robert Ferrara for 1-0.

Just before the 8 minute mark Morris did well to beat away an effort from Tom Norton before the Phantoms then went 2-0 up on 09:22 through Petr Stepanek courtesy of an assist from Callum Buglass. The Dynamos then had a short break from defending with Ondrej Zosiak finding Ryan Morgan who raced down the right and flashed a shot across goal.

The Phantoms soon increased their lead to 3-0 after a few quick passes led to James Ferrara knocking the puck beyond Morris on 15:06. Barely 12 seconds later and it was 4-0 with Padelek rattling in his second of the night, assisted by Glenn Billing. The Dynamos then saw Antony Leone hit a deflected shot which Phantoms’ netminder Bainborough saved. The away side had a 5 on 3 powerplay in their favour near the end of the first period but, despite a welcome break from defending and plenty of puck possession, they were unable to get a goal back before the buzzer.

The Phantoms made it 5-0 on 21:06 through Petr Stepanek assisted by McEwan before Mos’ netminder Morris made three saves in quick succession. Despite the efforts of Morris and the hardworking 7 skaters it was soon 6-0 27:23 with Corey McEwan adding his name to the scoresheet. Action at the opposite end saw Matt Foord register a shot at Bainborough but not long after the save the Phantoms switched play to the other end of the ice and made it 7-0 on 32:26 through Nathan Pollard. Pollard then only needed 21 seconds to make it 8-0 with the home side now sniffing double figures.

A couple of saves by Morris to deny Robson and then McEwan soon led to the Dynamos seeing a chance on 34:50 – Leone robbing Robert Ferrara with Bainborough doing well to deny the visitors a goal. It was however Peterborough who scored next for 9-0 with Morris saving a shot on 36:47 but with the netminder grounded Phantoms’ Ales Padelek lifted the puck over the shot stopper for a hat-trick, assisted by Billing and James Ferrara. A few minutes later it was double figures with the hosts scoring for 10-0 on 38:53 through Jarvis Hunt to end the scoring for the second period.

The Phantoms soon made it 11-0 on 41:43 with James White the latest scorer. The Mos were far from giving-up and on 43:33 Leone got a lot of power behind a shot from the left but Bainborough held the puck well. Another powerplay fell the way of the Dynamos on 44:42 – Martins Susters tripping Leone. The powerplay saw Arran Strawson hit two shots at Bainborough but the Phantoms managed to keep the Kent side at bay and soon returned to full strength.

Goals on 47:21 (Taylor Romeo), 48:32 (Nathan Pollard – hat-trick) and Ross Clarke on 51:33 increased the scoreline to 14-0 with the Mos then calling a timeout. The Mos held back the Phantoms for a while but it was soon 15-0 – scored on 55:03 by former Dynamos’ forward Martins Susters. The Dynamos had one last chance of the game – in the 59thminute with Bainborough pulling out a massive save to deny Matt Foord.

Referee: Hewitt

Phantoms: S. Robson 0+1, N. Pollard 3+1, J. White 1+1, J. Ferrara 1+2, B. Bowering 0+1, W. Weldon 0+3, R. Clarke 1+0, R. Ferrara 0+3, P. Stepanek 2+4, C. Buglass 0+1, C. McEwan 1+2, G. Billing 0+3, T. Romeo 1+1, M. Susters 1+3, A. Padelek 3+1, J. Hunt 1+1
Dynamos: None

Netminders: (not inc. penalty shots)
R. Bainborough – save percentage 100% (20 shots / 0 goals)
C. Morris – save percentage 78.57% (70 shots / 15 goals)

Phantoms: 6
Dynamos: 0

Man of the match:
Phantoms: N. Pollard
Dynamos: The Team

NOTE: This game has now been awarded as a 5-0 victory to the Peterborough Phantoms due to the Dynamos icing insufficient players.

Written by Lee Allen.

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