5 Hockey Promotion Ideas That Work

This hockey season we have seen many promotions from different teams. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are big. The trick with any type of promotion is to be creative with it, as well as provide great incentives to drive excitement and game attendance. Here are five great hockey promotion ideas that work.

Get on the radio

Fans want to hear what their favorite players have to say about the game. They get excited by the player’s passion, as well as getting to hear firsthand from the player, rather than reading a quick quote in a news story. And, it is a chance for fans to hear inside knowledge, jokes, and procedures that they may not have known. Most local sports stations love to give a team captain a weekly show, even.

Recently, 92.5 Star FM in Dallas, TX, did an interview with Dallas Stars’ Antoine Roussel. To hear it, you can listen to it here. Antoine Roussel appeared to talk about his experience, recent home games, hockey fights, and he is the only man from France on the team! For this particular interview, listeners were able to call in and ask Antoine Roussel some questions.

Give away free hockey swag

This is a big one for fans. One great way to get someone to come to the game, instead of watching it at home, is to give away merchandise that they can’t get at home. Some great things to give away are hockey pucks, jerseys, foam hands, and anything that will cause excitement, humor, and enjoyment. Just remember to put your logo on everything, to keep the item producing branding goodness forever. Some teams give away hockey swag to a group of fans. For example, you can give away free team jerseys to the first 100 fans at the game. Or, you can run ticket packages that include seats, food, and swag. The Chicago Blackhawks do this pretty well. They offer autographed hats, jerseys, hockey pucks, and season tickets. The Boston Bruins give away scarfs, calendars, winter hats and more to the first 5,000 fans (usually).

Let the audience participate in the game

The Chicago Blackhawks do this one well. The fans can enter their children into a sweepstakes, and one kid will be selected to be the home team captain for the game. This kind of promotion is great for getting families excited to go to a game. Additionally, the audience will think that it is funny and cute to see a younger member of the fan base help out.

Partner up

Partner up with a company, nonprofit, or even a celebrity. Depending on the company, nonprofit, or celebrity, you can make a promotion out of the partnership.

For instance, if you partner up with McDonalds you could work out a deal so that if a certain number of goals are scored, the audience can get a free sausage biscuit when they show their ticket at the register. The Carolina Hurricanes have a good example of this here, with their Papa Johns promotion. If the Hurricanes win, fans can use a promotional code to get 50% off of their next pizza when bought online, the day after the game!

If you partner up with a celebrity you might be able to work out a deal to allow a lucky group of fans to meet them. A great example of this is used by the Tampa Bay Lightning. The lighting has supported celebrity poker games that have raised money for charities. Although this didn’t take place during the game, the promotion was still successful in creating buzz. The original article can be found here.

If you have partnered up with a non-profit you could work out a deal where a lucky audience member makes a goal from center ice and a donation is then made to the nonprofit. The Detroit Redwings do this with a non-profit called “Kid: Equipt,” where they help raise money for children that don’t have school supplies, hygiene items, books, and other needed items. They host theme nights for raising money for “Kid: Equipt.”  Check out the article for additional details.

Make concessions cheap

You can choose select game days to designate something in the concession stand for a cheap price. For instance, $1 beers or $1 hotdogs are the most popular promotions. People love food, and if you lower the price, a fan may buy a ticket to take advantage of the cheap food and drink rather than staying home.

Author Bio: Gabriel Nelson works alongside SCA Promotions, a well-known hockey promotion company. Gabe has written for many different websites in the past. In his spare time he is reading, thinking of business ideas, marketing, watching movies, and hanging out with friends.

Neil Tucker

Neil has written on ice hockey for many websites concentrating on British ice hockey mostly. Neil also covers ice hockey in other countries and organises his Blueliner Hockey Tour. A graduate of the Manchester Metropolitan University Neil turned his hand to hockey writing in 2009. As well as contributing on Blueliner Hockey Neil has contributed to Get Real Hockey and Slapshot Magasine.

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