3 Game Ban for Baseball Swing Attack

Disciplinary decisions are never easy things to agree with totally yet sometimes there are those occasions when seemingly no one can understand a decision. Friday’s decision to add a 3 game ban to Kelsey Wilson slashing penalty is one of those.

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That footage during Nottingham’s defeat to Sheffield on Thursday night was deemed to be worthy of a 3 game ban. That is less than Cardiff’s Devin Didiomete received for leaving the changing room during the Coventry melee in November.

Since Simon Kirkham took over the disciplinary role in the summer and has copied his NHL counterpart Brendan Shannahan in explaining his decisions. On the whole even if you didn’t agree with the conclusions you could see where it was coming from. This decision has however gone the complete against that. Wilson clearly attacks Ferguson with a 2 handed swing after the whistle. It is an assault for which there is no excuse.

Had Wilson and Ferguson fought there would be no outrage. That would have been an even contest but the Steelers forward is clear caught surprised by the act. Fortunately Ferguson has had no serious injuries but does have badly bruised ribs.

The EIHL conspiracy theorists may point that it is because the league are desperate for the Panthers to win the league or that Nottingham are the league favourites but if you believe that a 3 game is probably just. This aside it is a loss to explain how this is only a 3 game ban.

Neil Tucker

Neil has written on ice hockey for many websites concentrating on British ice hockey mostly. Neil also covers ice hockey in other countries and organises his Blueliner Hockey Tour. A graduate of the Manchester Metropolitan University Neil turned his hand to hockey writing in 2009. As well as contributing on Blueliner Hockey Neil has contributed to Get Real Hockey and Slapshot Magasine.

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