2 more returnees for Raiders

For the eighth season in a row the Raiders team sheet will start in September with the name Tom Davis written on it. Each year that writing seems to get bolder and written with even more relish and enthusiasm to mark the delight that Tom is returning and for the third season his shirt will see a large captain’s C on the chest.
Tom has taken the “Heart of Raiders Award” for the past 2 seasons and again for good reason as he provides a loud captains voice, leads by example with a calm head but doesn’t let that stop him when he feels a wrong needs to be righted. His witty ridiculing of the opposition in the penalty box keeps the off ice team amused and probably accounts for several of his votes for supporters player of the year.
Tom was the team’s leading Brit goal scorer last season with 15 to his name and was just one point from the highest scoring Brit with 35 points. He played as a forward when required, as a D’man when we were short and went for the Hat-trick getting acclaim from the normally “complimentary” crowd at Invicta when he grabbed blocker and catcher.
His Raiders career has taken him past 176 points and 225 games and the last 6 seasons have seen ever-present Tom average over 36 games per season.
At just 25 he is competing with Michael Gray for the “you can’t be that young you have been playing for ever” award. We are delighted there is plenty of life left in the old dog and even more delighted that he is choosing to spend it in Gold and Blue once again, helping the rest of the team and the management bring the team home in good shape.

Welcome back Tom.

The London Raiders are delighted to announce that Gold and Blue will be the colours of choice once again for Michael Gray as he reinforces his place in the teams record books.
From his debut in November 2008, when he earned a shut out vs Bristol, Michael has appeared no less that 201 times for the Raiders.
That persistence protecting the pipes means that he now holds most of the club records in respect of the netminder position, despite his youthful good looks and tender age of just 26.
These records include
Most appearances by netminder. 201
Most league appearances by a netminder 155
Most minutes by a netminder. 9433
Most league minutes by a netminder. 6985
Most saves. 5348
Most league saves. 3977
Most expressive language after a questionable refereeing decision.
Michaels CV also includes Slough, Chelmsford, Streatham and Invicta, but clearly the Raiders are where he feels most at home.
The club were relieved that his knee injury in the 2014 / 2015 season appeared to be fully recovered last season and Michael seemed to be back to his best. You know what you get with Michael. He is passionate about the team and vocal when on ice or supporting from the bench. When on his game he can be a game winner for sure.
On his return Michael explained
“Having just bought Gold and Blue kit I didn’t really have a lot of option but to return to the Raiders. smile emoticon On a serious note I love playing for this club and the fans after all their hard work to keep the team going. I aim to keep going for as many years as possible to prove to the fans I am not as old as some of them think I am!”

Welcome back Michael!

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