2 goalies + 2 import forwards sign up for Grant’s All Stars!

The next set of signings for Grant McPherson’s All-Star team are in! Barry Hollyhead, Alex Mettam, Stano Lascek and Jonas Hoog have all agreed to play in the Testimonial on Saturday 9th April 2016 and Grant had the following to say about them:

Barry Hollyhead

“Big Bazza – What a Netminder!! He didn’t look like your normal starting goalie in terms of his physique (He won’t mind me saying that haha) but boy did he win us a lot of games in my time here in Milton Keynes. Sometimes you see goalies get rattled if they let in a goal that they shouldn’t have, but Baz would never let it affect him. He would just accept it and move on. He was a great role model for a guy like Alex Mettam, in terms of his game mentality (I won’t discuss the practice side of things haha!) Baz is also one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met off the ice and a proper Milton Keynes Lightning Legend so it will be great to have him and his family down at the Testimonial.”

Alex Mettam

“Mettsy joined the Lightning back in the championship winning season of 2009/10. The season prior to that, Barry mettamHollyhead played all 54 games in net so it was great to bring in someone like Mettsy who could not only learn from Baz but also take some of the workload off him. Mettsy was without a doubt, one of the hardest workers I have ever seen. In practice, he would never give up on a shot and as a forward, that’s what you want. I also don’t think I have ever seen anyone sweat as much as him. It’s been a tough season for him at Bracknell with the amount of players they have lost throughout the season but it’s great to see he still has that ‘Never give up’ mentality. It will be great to share the ice with Mettsy once again at the testimonial.”

Stano Lascek

“I remember when Pooley told me that we had signed Stano back in the summer of 2013. He told me to check out his stats on Elite Prospects and when I did I couldn’t believe my eyes. Back in 2005/06, he scored 135 points in the QMJHL (Quebec Major Junior Hockey League) for second overall. That was 32 points more than Claude Giroux (Current Philadelphia Flyers Captain), in 5 less games! The year Stano arrived was the year we played out of Coventry. With his previous experience, I was a bit worried in case he thought “What have I signed up to?” and left but it was completely the opposite. He was unbelievable. A complete professional who would do anything and everything for the team. He scored 40+ goals that year and, quite rightly, swept the End of Season Awards. The guy is also one of the biggest beauties I have ever met, so I’m delighted he has agreed to come back for the testimonial!”

Jonas Hoog

Hoog Simon Emm

Image: Simon Emm

“OK, I’ve cheated slightly here. As you will know, Hoogy has never played for Milton Keynes but he is one of my good friends, who I first met before he came to England to play for the Swindon Wildcats. Jonas is also good friends with fellow Swedes and ex-MKL’ers Monir Kalgoum and Jo Wiklander and on our end of season trip to Stockholm in 2009, I met Hoogy and his long flowing blonde hair for the first time. He has become a bit of a Swindon Wildcat legend since then, which has unfortunately meant I haven’t got to play in the same team as him, so I couldn’t pass up this opportunity! He is an absolute quality player who sees the game so well, so I can understand why Swindon have already signed him up for next season. I just hope he will be ok without his hockey fwwwwiend, Aaron Nell ?


Grant McPherson’s MKL All Stars (As it stands)

Mikko Skinnari

Andre Smulter

Toni Alasaarela

Nick Poole

Dwayne Newman

Kurt Irvine

Matthew Towalski

Michael Wales

Chris McEwen

Adam Radmall

Tom Norton

James Archer

Jacob Corson-Heron

Ben Russell

Barry Hollyhead

Alex Mettam

Stano Lascek

Jonas Hoog

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